The Jeep Journals

I left my corporate job on 7/21/17 in order to help showcase Nature for Mother Nature fans online. I did not arrive easily at this decision since my corporate job paid extremely well and included amazing benefits. Alas, the one benefit I was not easily allowed was the time to immediately pursue any and all wild events happening any and all moments of every day throughout the world. I know it would have helped me greatly to see more Nature during the work week, so that is what I’ve set out to bring to you. Stay tuned!

Onward Through The Fog

Thursday, December 2, 2021 8:53 AM

Today is the Thursday after Thanksgiving. I have not known where my father is since the Thursday before Halloween of this year when the Adult Care Services representative called me to ask if I knew where my father was at. It turns out that his sisters, benefitting from the sale of his property, helped him move to an undisclosed location. I say undisclosed, but the location has only been undisclosed to me, his only child.

Today after coming to make note of a dream where I was visiting a former military facility, where it was being taught that the old ways were to separate groups as quickly (and forcefully) as possible, and where the new ways were to recognize one another for the gifts we bring to the table, I saw that in real life I was called by two of my dad’s sisters, my aunts, yesterday at some point. I wonder how quickly dreams can become reality.

Today is a new day, it is as foggy as can be outside on this Dreary Day of December where I approach my 45th year of yet another looming routine holiday season brought to us by so many advertised offerings, catered by our fathers monetarily and served up by our mothers in the name of comfort. I wonder how easiy it will be to see through the fog of peace. Is it any easier than it might be to see through the fog of war itself?

Today I mentioned having walked with a bobcat in an unrelated post on YouTube. It was a 7 Day Water Fast post. Somewhere in the video a raven flew overhead and I commented on the visitor. A visitor to my community page had commented on the visitor as well. I, in turn, commented with the visitor to my page and referenced another time when I myself was a visitor who got to share the trails with a bobcat who was visiting with me.