The Jeep Journals

I left my corporate job on 7/21/17 in order to help showcase Nature for Mother Nature fans online. I did not arrive easily at this decision since my corporate job paid extremely well and included amazing benefits. Alas, the one benefit I was not easily allowed was the time to immediately pursue any and all wild events happening any and all moments of every day throughout the world. I know it would have helped me greatly to see more Nature during the work week, so that is what I’ve set out to bring to you. Stay tuned!

Every Day A Little Bit Stronger

Tuesday, October 25, 2022 10:38 AM

Today I’m over a month into my “basic” restoration of health. I ran a total of just over a mile and completed a total of just over two miles for my interval running and walking training targeting being able to run a considerable distance at a comfortable pace while being able to breathe and have a basic conversation. Training has been slow going.

For August I had intended to complete an album of songs (hence the photograph you see here of some of the practice tools I put together for the album) so that I would have something to both enjoy AND to memorize word for word as I continued my training. The album? It has been more or less rounded out, but still needs polishing.

The unusual thing about my “basic” restoration of health is that I have shed more people along the way than pounds. I feel lighter overall, and healthier, but my weight has remained constant. I can only wonder to myself if I am converting fat into muscle and if perhaps this is why my weight has not really changed, even if my body has changed.

Health is wealth! I feel that some may believe I am “playing with my health” by continuing to “play around” rather than being exceptionally serious about what is happening. How can I take any of it seriously if I cannot even discuss these things at a pleasant pace without either conversant running or breaking a sweat? Am I surrounded by narcissists?

These are just basic thoughts. If you are reading this and you know me enough that we have talked and continue to talk, talk with me about this topic if you would like! If you are aware of me but only talk about me behind my back to other people by whom I am not able to be tolerated, I can only wonder why you continue to follow my progress at all.

Keep your friends close but keep your enemies… Up to date? I saw a video today about how being honest helps us to remedy the art of conversation between narcissists. I have to agree wholeheartedly that THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!!! It may cause a lot of subsets an uneasiness, though, as the truth spoken too loudly may shine light on darkness.

Have a great day, thank you so much for enjoying the journey here with me and until next time, Peace, Love AND All That Old School Stuff!