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Rey (Stingrey)

In under two years, I lost 80 lbs (36.28 kilos) by choosing to eat foods that I'd heard about from people who were in way better shape than myself. After struggling through this journey, I found that the key to giving up something is to replace it with wonder and awe. I now help showcase these proven approaches at destinations that are sure to take your breath away. Come along for the ride as we practice mindful consumption in a way that is sure to also lower your blood pressure a bit. It worked for me! - Rey : )

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"Rey Muniz conquers the wilderness by being part of it; he conquers fear, anger and ignorance by being involved in their causes and solutions; he seeks perfect health by eating perfect foods"

John Clinton Hoyt - Adventurer

San Antonio, TX (Hometown)

(210) 887-4758

(210) 887-4758